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Breed: Large Whites

First recognised in 1868 the Large White owes its origins to the old Yorkshire breed. The Large White was one of the original founder breeds of the National Pig Breeders' Association (now known as The British Pig Association)

Large Whites are distinguished by their erect ears and slightly dished faces. They are long-bodied with excellent hams and fine white hair and, as their name suggests, they are characterised by large size.

The early history of the breed in Yorkshire is difficult to trace. The large, coarse-boned and leggy white pigs of the region were crossed with other breeds. Davidson, in 'The Production and Marketing of Pigs', has suggested that among these were the Cumberland, Leicestershire and the Middle and Small White. Specimens of the new breed first attracted attention at the Windsor Royal Show in 1831 .The stock used in the development and improvement of the pigs of that area is not as important as what was finally produced as a breed.