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Our tail here at The Bath Pig

The company was born out of a mutual passion for fine foods amongst two good friends, we wanted to produce a Chorizo (and later Salami, Pepperoni and specialist Bacons) using free range British pork. We have based our Chorizo on traditional Spanish recipes and have produced a high quality, British product with very stylish branding and web presence.

Tim French and Matthew ‘Mash’ Chiles are the two directors of The Bath Pig Company. "We have spent over a year experimenting with various spices, casings and curing salt mixes along with different meat to fat ratios to come up with the perfect Chorizo". The artisan skills used by smaller Spanish Chorizo produces have been adopted by The Bath Pig Company, and a visit to an Andaluthian Iberico pig farm, north of Seville provided a fantastic insight into the age-old curing processes.

In January 2009, we moved our experiment from Tim’s kitchen and make-shift curing cupboard to a contract partner’s factory. We have designed and built 2 large curing rooms, capable of an output of 3 tonnes a month. These temperature and humidity controlled rooms have been specifically designed to create the perfect environment to hang our 5 week cured sausages.

Our plan is to supply our products to farmers markets, delicatessens, restaurants, pubs, supermarkets and as an ingredient to other food producers who currently use Spanish Chorizo as a product ingredient. We believe our Chorizo deliver exceptional quality and a more complex taste than many of the standard Spanish imported products. Our earlier experiments have lead us to develop a range of sausages based on the Smoked Paprika Chorizo of Spain. They include Garlic & Herb, Spicy Chorizo and a semi-cured cooking chorizo.

We believe there is a massive market for British made Chorizo. Many Supermarkets and Delis, who insist on selling high-welfare British pork, cannot deliver a British equivalent of their cured sausage range to their more discerning customers. Chorizo in particular has gained popularity and has become a much loved addition to the domestic fridge. We absolutely believe that we can deliver British charcuterie that is tastier, more stylish and of similar price to that which is imported from lower welfare European suppliers.

Tim French

Tim is a full time hospital doctor about to specialise in Medical Oncology. Prior to taking the plunge into a medical career at the precipitous age of 27, he studied Experimental Psychology at Oxford University and then worked in the music industry. He has kept himself busy working on an array of projects including writing and editing textbooks for medical students. This latest venture came from a love of food and experimentation, an entrepreneurial drive and most importantly a strong desire to get involved in supporting the Somerset countryside that his wife, new daughter and friends find themselves lucky enough to live in.

"I've loved the whole process. The early days of testing recipes with a hungry dog and two cats on the sidelines looking at us grinding up different cuts of pork and irreverently staining every surface in my kitchen with various blends of paprika inspired incredulity from those close to us. Chorizo tasting/testing evenings with friends got people thinking that we might be on to something. The final leap of faith has been working on the development of the business on a large scale. I've learned lessons before about working on projects with close friends and the stresses that it can create, but working with Mash and his highly talented graphic designer wife Naomi has been one of the highlights. We've managed to combine all of our talents with business and friendship to push the Bath Pig to where it is now. My wife Charlotte keeps a firm check on 'pork talk' and her skills as a Psychiatrist have proved useful, reining us in from the inevitable flights of fancy to which Mash and I are both prone.

Mash Chiles

Firstly, I think I should point out that the name 'Mash' came at an early age when my sister Andrea had trouble with my real name Matthew. Little did she or the rest of the family know then that I would end up with a British 'bangers' company!

My career has generally had a creative focus. I studied Photography and Imaging at Manchester University, then worked within the music Industry, designing CD covers for the likes of Classic FM, BMG and Sanctuary Music. In 1999, I co-founded an online music company, it was an early form of Apples I-Tunes, but after a couple of years the money ran out and clearly too early to market, it took the music industry a few more years to decide how to handle the incoming tide of digital music. Following this I moved to Sydney, Australia where I got a job working for Australian Good Taste magazine as a creative, working with a food photographer and generally styling many of the 'foodie' shoots myself. I later ran the Graphic Design Department for Sony Music in Australia and also worked with my client Twentieth Century Fox Films. I moved back to the UK and the South West when I met my wife Naomi and I took an IT sales job in order to get established back in the UK. It was during this period that I met Tim and we started the great journey of discovery so eloquently described above by Tim. I am the lucky one I think, I have the most wonderful time meeting fellow food lovers from farm shop staff and management to fellow local food producers, always keen to help with advice. Something I appreciate greatly as I get stuck into this new industry.

Both Tim and I sincerely hope you enjoy our chorizo, it has been a great pleasure working with all friends and colleagues to bring you these tasty products. Gary Quinn at Bare Earth Limited, Tristan Hogg at PieMinister, Paul Woodcraft at Jardox Perfecta, both our understanding wives Naomi and Charlotte, and by no means least, the wonderful Clive Sugg and his partner Katherine from Hill House Farm, Ditteridge. Thank you all for your encouragement and support.